What do I care about…

4 Nov
Big Questions

Digital Marketing Questions

Questions abound and I am asking many of them myself.  I wonder what is happening in technology, marketing trends, cool iPad apps, social media, and more things than you probably care to know about today.  And, that is the point.   In this rapidly evolving world, there is something every day that seems important.  But, ultimately, there is too much noise out there, and too few things that will impact you or your business.  I believe that my role is to digest all that is happening in the digital marketing world and provide, hopefully, a few meaningful observations about what really matters.  Each week I will pick something that catches my attention and try to make sense of it.  If I am doing my job, this should help you decide how to leverage this information to move your business forward.  These are the questions that are worth asking…and hopefully answering.

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